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Lexicon 3.7

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Lexicon 3.7
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Nous nous retrouvons pour la mise a jour du menu lexicon en version 3.7 qui ajoute et corrige des bugs de la version 3.6.

Cette mise a jour est obligatoire si vous désirez profiter a nouveau du menu.


  • Bypassed Give RP Hotfix
  • Bypassed Give Money Hotfix (Merged Self & Extreme into a single Give Money option)
  • Added Take RP (Derank) – I made this as abuse-proof as I could. Can only be done to clients above Rank 250 and limited to -1,000,000 RP (Around 50 ranks max) – Intent is for use on non-modder friends whose rank was unwillingly boosted too high
  • Added “Chat Bypass – Talk” – Now it can work both ways. Players with settings set to Crew Only, Nobody, etc can hear you.
  • Renamed Original “Chat Bypass” to “Chat Bypass – Hear”
  • Added Kick Vote Detection – Shows who’s voting to kick who on the network client panel.
  • Added Force Open Interaction Menu
  • Added Block Force Open Interaction Menu
  • Re-Added Disable Phone
  • Added Trap in Cage to Session & Client Trolling Objects
  • Added Disable Calls (Lighter alternative to Disable Phone. Only disables phone calls)
  • Added Resync Time (Sets your time to server-wide time)
  • Added Tire Smoke RGB Editor to Vehicle Editor
  • Added Custom Input for Vehicle Editor Primary/Secondary/Pearlescant/Wheel Colors (Press Square)
  • Added Cancel Teleport to Waypoint (In the event you get stuck under the map indefinitely).
  • Added Alarm & Candle to Object Spawner (Causes particle trail effect)
  • Added Quick Delete to Entity Manager (Press Square when hovering over the entity to delete it)
  • Added Disable Tasks to Targeting Defenses
  • Several optimizations and structural changes were made that could have effected functionality or performance of mods.
  • Improved Footer UI – Footer sizing is now 100% accurate for line count and adds extra padding to avoid text overflowing
  • Improved Addon UI – Show Talking Players, Speedometer, and Bind Hint adapt positioning when certain components like Cash HUD and Rank HUD are active
  • Improved Vehicle Deletion
  • Improved Teleport to Closest Vehicle & Last Vehicle – Shows Snaplines when selecting
  • Improved Clear Area Protection Options – Has 10x the range
  • Improved Show Talking Players – No longer hides yourself from the list
  • Fixed Session Kick (Host) only kicking 1 player.
  • Fixed Attach Entity to Player/Vehicle custom input keyboard not opening.
  • Fixed Ramp Deletion sometimes freezing
  • Moved Popular and Store Locations to main Teleportation category
  • Removed Block Insurance Fraud due to unfixable bugs and complaints.
  • Removed Block Weapon Damage, Clear Area, Detachment, and Vote Kick due to uselessness and blocker merging.
  • Removed Local Vehicle & Local NPC Options – We need the space. They take up a bit. I ran a poll on what should be removed for more space and this won by a longshot. It may return someday but for now it’s gone.
  • About NPC Spawning – I’m still unsure what the cause is. I’ll keep looking but it’s a very strange bug.


Si vous désirez acheter le menu cliquer ici

Pour télécharger le PKG de mise a jour de la version 3.7 cliquer ici

Vous devez mettre le PKG à la racine de votre clé usb.


Pour vous aider dans l installation du pkg suivez le lien ci dessous.

Si vous ne savez pas remettre gestionnaire de fichier pkg, aidez vous de la vidéo ci dessous.


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