Mode Menu Semjases en version 14.4

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Je vous présente en telechargement la derniere version du  mode menu Semjases traduite en francais.
Vous aurez acces via cet article au pkg du Menu 14.4, à la Beta 14.5, ainsi que la dernière version du modloader.

L’acces a la beta peux etre supprimé par la team Semjases à tout moment.
Si cela arrive installer la version officielle en 14.4 pour faire fonctionner votre menu.

Si vous désirez acheter le menu Semjases cliquer ici


ETAPE 1 : Comment l’installer


        1. Telecharger ce pkg qui contient le menu en 14.4, le recovery ,la beta 14.5 ainsi que le Modloader.
        2. Copier le sur votre PS3 et lancer l’installeur du pkg
        3. Installer en 1er le mode Menu 14.4, vous pouvez ensuite switcher entre les versions.


Changelog de la version 14.4

Added location spoofer protection (when modders teleport to you they will teleport in the middle of the ocean)
Added toggle for no idle kick
Added tried to drop kick you to remote options protection
Improved Drop Kick to be more stable and more accurate
Improved Drop kick protection
Improved freeze console for session
Improved off radar. It will now stay on even if you switch sessions. Also made off radar time 13:37
Increased camera shake to 1.0 instead of 0.01 when you give other players explosive bullet
Changed teleport to airport. It will now teleport in the center of the airport
Bugfix- fixed issue were freeze v3 session protection would not enabling
Removed settings colors and fonts again to acquire space
Removed vehicle spawn settings to acquire space
Removed remove money from session options to acquire space


Changelog de la version beta 14.5

Added back pre upgraded for spawned vehicles. (It was accidentally removed)
Removed anti time out because it was causing users to freeze randomly
Removed redirecting from drop kick because it was unstable and caused users to freeze
Removed force into flight school to acquire space
Removed vehicle gravity from multiplier options to acquire space
Changed spoof location to center of the map to see if it fixes invisible vehicles bug
Possibly fixed geo location bug (needs confirmation)