Mode menu Semjases 15.0

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Je vous présente en telechargement la derniere version du  mode menu Semjases traduite en francais.
Vous aurez acces via cet article au pkg du Menu 15.0

Cette mise à jour comme les précédentes est obligatoire.

Si vous désirez acheter le menu Semjases cliquer ici


ETAPE 1 : Comment l’installer


        1. Telecharger ce pkg qui contient le menu en 15.0
        2. Copier le sur votre PS3 et lancer l’installeur du pkg



  • Added rockstar message protection
  • Added 5 more columns to skin changer to fit more models on screen
  • Added stop animation to Player to player options
  • Added name next to message spoofer so you can see who its spoofed to
  • Added Exploit Protection to Remote Options protection
  • Added text ‘IP Details Disabled’ when IP is turned off
  • Added back vehicle extra to mod shop options
  • Added reset/fix stats to client stats options
  • Added redirect text protection to the language file so users can modify it
  • Added an option to delete previous map mod into spooner settings
  • Added fire protection into explosion protection
  • Added no targeting (Other Player can’t aim at you)
  • Added option to remove funny vehicle and map mod into spooner options->manage entities database->removal->delete map mod
  • Added menu globe setting to semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added alien rune setting to semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added tracker to player to semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added a NEW disconnect kick into kick option
  • Added show modders to Display info option
  • Added show offradar players to Display info option
  • Added auto regen health to semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added rainbow vehicle to semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added no clip to semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added Elite Bunker protection (Only use this in modder wars)
  • Added back auto kick modders. It will NOT kick friends, crew mates and/or team mates. (might remove again if too many false positives)
  • Bugfix- fixed issue when getting host kicked in private sessions it would not tell you the host name
  • Bugfix- fixed option not working -> Delete all spawned vehicles in spawn settings
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with City, State and ISP text overlapping with the menu text
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with FPS protection freezing
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with clone protection not executing
  • Possibly fixed freezing issue with drop kick
  • Possibly fixed teleporting players being in the stuck animation
  • Changed Teleport to Coral Reef to the furthest north island
  • Changed no clip binds to L3 + Square
  • Fixed some spelling issues
  • Updated language file
  • Increased character limit when using custom text in messaging options
  • Moved Display Info text next to the mini map as requested by users
  • moved delete all spawned vehicles into spooner sub menu
  • Moved delete previous funny vehicle option to Spooner Options->Settings
  • Moved removal entity database into spooner options
  • improved semjasesConfig.ini, it is now more organized
  • Improved magnet gun
  • Improved handling for flying vehicle
  • Improved Images load faster when first opening the menu
  • Improved Left and Right scrolling on holding for better accuracy
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Reorganized all network players options
  • Temperatures in display info will now only display if you have the temperature enabled
  • Removed attachments options for all player because it caused users to freeze when using big xml’s files (too many objects)
  • Removed rainbow traffic from world options
  • Removed vehicle list.xml
  • Removed ped list.xml (only 100 available to choose from now)
  • Removed sonic run from semjasesConfig.ini
  • Removed nitrous from semjasesConfig.ini