Semjases 16.1 CEX DEX HEN

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Je vous présente en telechargement la derniere version du  mode menu Semjases.
Vous aurez acces via cet article au pkg du Menu 16.1

Cette mise à jour comme les précédentes est obligatoire.

Elle permet de pouvoir a nouveau profiter du mode menu.

A savoir que cette mise a jour supprime la langue française le menu sera entièrement en anglais.


ETAPE 1 : Comment l’installer


        1. Telecharger ce pkg qui contient le menu en 16.1
        2. Suivez ensuite le tutoriel de mise a jour de la V11 vers la V12


Si vous avez le message Unable to Connect to Semjases, forcer la connexion en réessayant.

Si vous avez le message, Launch Semjases Launcher First. Suivez le tutoriel ci dessous

Partie 1

  1. Vous devez suivre le tutoriel ci dessus pour l’installation du fichier PKG en 1er
  2. Connecter la console avec l’aide du PC sur WEBMAN
  3. Pour connecter la console taper l’adresse IP de celle ci sur un navigateur internet
  4. Sur la page qui s’ouvre cliquer sur Configuration
  5. Activer PS3MAPI en vous aidant de la photo ci dessous
  6. Le réglage PS3MAPI doit être sur Activé ou Enabled
  7. Cliquer ensuite sur Sauvegarder en bas de page




  1. Connecter la console avec l’aide du PC sur Webman
  2. Sélectionner PS3MAPI
  3. Aller dans VSH Plugins
  4. Sur la case 2 renseignez la meme ligne de commande que sur la photo ci dessous
  5. /dev_hdd0/tmp/Semjases/SemjasesLauncher.sprx

  6. Cliquer ensuite sur Load

  7. Lancer ensuite GTA V et le menu se lancera.






  • Added Option to sit into vehicle with Spooner options
  • Added The ability to use ~r~ color tags using keyboard
  • Added button binds to bring to you to the XMB if you freeze by pressing Select + Start
  • Added Give 100 million directly to player Added Give Heist Yachts to player
  • Added Give North Yankton to player
  • Added Change Model for other players
  • Added Give Protections to other players
  • Added Give Outfits to other players
  • Added Give Invincibility to other players
  • Added Give Never Wanted to other players
  • Added Host Spoof kick Added Join Player
  • Added Join Me Added Players Met options to join them or to make them join you
  • Added Disable Mission Circles in settings Added Bypass Host Kick Rejoin
  • Added Prologue Bypass thanks to NotYourDope
  • Added VPN detection to player info
  • Added 6 New Freeze Methods to Lobby options
  • Added No Shadows Added No Fog
  • Added PS4 Mode (Minimap)
  • Added Change Field Of View (FOV)
  • Added Change Camera Motion Blur
  • Added Mod Loader into misc options (Loads commonly used scripts)
  • Added Sticky bomb nuke Added Flammable Gas Grenades
  • Added Clown/Xmas/Molotov Ptfx on all explosions
  • Added Explosion scale changer
  • Added Allow Any Weapon In Vehicle
  • Added No Recoil To Current Weapon
  • Added Bullets Per Shot To Current Weapon
  • Added Aim Down Sight FOV To Current Weapon
  • Added Adjust Lock On Range To Current Weapon
  • Added Pistol with sniper scope
  • Added APPistol with flame bullets Added SMG with sniper scope
  • Added Assault SMF with Extreme Force Added Gunsenberg Sweeper with Shotgun Spread
  • Added Advance Rifle With Sniper Scope Added Stun gun With Shotgun Spread
  • Added Pump Shotgun x2 Range Added Sawed Off Shotgun with Explosive Bullets
  • Added RPG Homing To Any Player
  • Added Grenade Launcher with Shotgun Spread
  • Added Minigun with Shotgun Spread
  • Added Sticky Bomb you can throw across the map
  • Added Heli gun that shoots explosives
  • Added Heli rocket gun that shoots faster Added Back Vehicle Gravity
  • Added Manual Transmission to Speedometer Options
  • Added Wheel Editor
  • Added Edit Wheel Width Added Edit Wheel Tire Radius
  • Added Edit Wheel Rim Camber
  • Added Edit Wheel Suspension
  • Added Edit Wheel Steering Multiplier
  • Added Back Visual Lowering
  • Added Infinite Kers On Current Vehicle
  • Added Super Speed to Current Vehicle
  • Added Rear Wheel Steering to Current Vehicle
  • Added Fire Truck Shoots Rockets Instead Of Water
  • Added JB 700 Shoots Rockets and Minigun bullets
  • Added Insurgent Shoots Explosive Rounds
  • Added Tsunami Water Mod
  • Added Water Hight Editor
  • Added Water Transparency Editor
  • Added Water Ripple Editor
  • Added Pause Water
  • Added Trippy Ripple
  • Added Blocky Ripple
  • Added Drive Underwater Bugfix- Fixed an issue where a player would get stuck when teleported Bugfix
  • Fixed some stat options not working properly
  • Improved toggle accuracy for client vehicles options Improved honk for boost (Made it stronger)
  • Improved chat visibility when there was bad lighting Improved Attachment Protection it now teleports the player into a job if he is attached to you Improved Freeze Protections
  • Improved First Person View Improved Thermal Vision to only work on snipers
  • Improved Give Max Money; It now gives the player 18 quintillion $
  • Improved Reset Skin to Default (Proper reset including clothes)
  • Renamed multipliers to their proper names
  • Renamed Show IP Info to Streamer Mode
  • Separated Weapon and Explosion protection into different options
  • Separated Freeze skin and freeze into different options
  • Separated All Entity Blockers To Be Individual
  • Reworked Spooner Options
  • Reworked Text Messaging Options
  • Reworked Shared Emotes
  • Reworked Stat Options
  • Reworked Model Changer
  • Reworked All Player Options
  • Removed Color from text messages