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Semjases V13

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Semjases V13
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Je vous présente la mise a jour du menu Semjases en Version 13 DEX et CEX.

Cette mise a jour est désormais obligatoire si vous désirez profiter du menu.

La mise a jour s’installe de manière identique que la vidéo ci dessous.


Cliquer ici pour telecharger la V13 DEX 

Cliquer ici pour telecharger la V13 CEX 

Si vous désirez acheter le menu cliquer ici 


Voici le changelog de la V13 :

  • Added Opacity to colors in semjasesConfig.ini
  • Added more protections like ‘tried to used an FX near you’, ‘tried to vote kick you’
  • Added redirecting to protections. so when someone does something ‘Bad’ to you it will redirect back to them
  • Added auto anonymous text message with IP only when redirecting mods
  • Added text message spoofer. (you can send a message as another player in the session)
  • Added a feature in stat protection if someone tried to report you it will kick them from the session
  • Added a feature in remote options protection if someone tried to vote kick you it will kick them from the session
  • Added modded rolls in a separate option
  • Added exclude options to text messages now
  • Added Am I muted by player to info box
  • Added players real PSN to info box
  • Added mute player to nice options
  • Added mute all players in session
  • Added redirecting to attachment protection
  • Added an option in settings if you want to turn on or off the redirecting protection
  • Added clear reports in stat options for self. Use this if you ever get mute banned or if you get put into badsport
  • Added all players clock time. The time in world options now changes for all players
  • Added the ability for you to change the menu background and title using your own pictures/textures. (Read ExternalFiles.txt)
  • Added close interaction menu
  • Added [Modder]& [Host] Label when they are both
  • Added disable phone calls to players
  • Added Max inventory to stat options (All snacks, armor, ect)
  • Added Max skills to stat options for players
  • Added Modded Run/Aim for players
  • Added Miljet to disable big vehicles
  • Added change time for all players
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with unlock all glitching the account
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were with freeze protection were it would freeze at the military base
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were vehicle god mode wouldn’t allow other players to drive your vehicle
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in semjasesCofig were background color would not work from ini
  • Bugfix- fixed issue when task protection was on you would still get teleported or animation by other modders
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in player to player where the players list and marker would link together
  • Bugfix- fixed issue when you used to money drop you would freeze
  • Bugfix- fixed issue when activeSmoke in .ini when its was off it would still show the FX when using waypoint & spawning a ped
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with freeze protection were it would not work when freeze protection was on
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were enabling protection from the config and loading story mode they would not fully activate
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with chat bypass were they couldn’t hear you
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were charater slots were incorrect
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were disable account was slow. we increased the speed
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with delete previous funny where it would not turn on
  • Bugfix- fixed small issue with god mode where it would fully turn off after you killed yourself
  • Bugfix- fixed issue with clear reports were it took a long time for the badsport to remove. you can now do it with one click
  • Bugfix- fixed issue if rest rank making them fake leave. they no need to join a new session for the rank to reset
  • Bugfix- fixed issue when you moved the menu left or right the ‘No Preview available’ would not move at all
  • Improved stat protection
  • Improved freeze protection
  • Improved menu overall stability
  • Improved Spanish translation thanks to Tato Mods
  • Improved reset rank on player options. its should no longer make them leave the session
  • Improved unlock all. we made it faster
  • Removed Particle man
  • Removed remote control vehicle in attachment options
  • Removed demi god mode
  • Removed weapons in interiors
  • Removed stop unlocks
  • Removed spoof rank, K/D, and money
  • Removed gravity gun
  • Linked vehicle god mode preset with spooner god mode
  • Organized menu better
  • Renamed some options


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