Télécharger le CFW 3.55 rogero V3.7

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Voici en téléchargement le firmware rogero CEX 3.55 en version 3.7.


Changelog : 


New Features:

– Added a fix in the CFW for the old Black Screen Titles that needed: USB Mount (Rogero Manager) / Select+X (Multiman) to run from external HDD.

Now the same titles can run from internal HDD fine too with this CFW.

– Built-in system version spoof to 4.25 to prevent accidental system updates.

– NoBD Patch to allow installing it with the Blu-Ray drive disconnected (especially for downgrading purposes)

– Have other fixes that prevents the Black screen or Payload loading problems encountered on some PS3 systems.

Original Features:

– Kmeaw patched Lv2 with necessary patches to allow Peek/Poke support (same games compatibility as Kmeaw CFW)

– LV1 Checks Disabled to bypass the Syscon hashes for downgraded consoles.

– Custom Boot Logo.

– built-in “Heavy Rain” dynamic theme.


Cliquez ici pour télécharger le firmware.


Vous pouvez installez ce firmware en vous aidant de la vidéo si nécessaire.


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