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Le Semjases version 14 CEX et DEX

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Je vous propose dans cet article de découvrir la version du menu Semjases V14.1.

Si vous désirez acheter le menu cliquer ici


ETAPE 1 : Comment l’installer


  1. Telecharger ce pkg si vous etes en CEX
  2. Télécharger ce pkg si vous etes en DEX


Puis suivez a la lettre la vidéo ci dessous


ETAPE 2 : Mise a jour Automatique du Menu



Le menu dispose désormais d’une fonction de mise a jour automatique.
Cette fonction est incompatible avec CCAPI


Pour installer la MAJ automatique du menu procéder comme suit.


Télécharger ce PKG qui installe et desinstalle le plugin de mise a jour automatique en cliquant ici


  1. Copier le Pkg sur votre PS3
  2. Désactiver CCAPI si il est actif sur votre console
    il suffit de lancer l’icone d’installation de CCAPI et de choisir la fonction Uninstall
    Vous devrez si vous avez débanni la console avec CCAPI réinsérer votre console id par la suite
  3. CCAPI est desinstallé la console a redémarré, vous n’avez plus la notification au démarrage Contrôle console Api By enstone
  4. Lancer l’icone du programme d’installation et de désinstallation de la mise a jour automatique du semjases que vous avez telechargé precedemment
  5. Choisissez Installer la MAJ Automatique du menu
  6. Redémarrer apres l’installation la PS3
    une notification d’activation de mise a jour Automatique s affiche sur votre PS3 au démarrage
  7. Lancer GTA V, le menu s’est mis a jour !!!!!!


Si vous désirez garder cette configuration de mise a jour automatique du menu, vous pouvez laisser comme ceci.
Si vous étiez banni auparavant vous pouvez aussi vous debannir avec Webman ou un autre programme pour garder la fonction de Mise a jour Automatique


Une fois le menu mis a jour et fonctionnel si vous désirez reinstaller CCAPI

  1. Lancer l’installeur et le desinstalleur de MAJ automatique du Semjases
  2. Choisir Deinstaller la MAJ AUTO
  3. Apres que la MAJ AUTO est desinstaller,redémarrer votre PS3
  4. Une notification, vous indique que la MAJ Auto est désactivé
  5. Reinstaller CCAPI



Changelog du V14

Added a toggle to nitrous fx (use square)
Added freeze V3 protection Bugfix
fixed Oracle vehicle’s displaying the incorrect image Bugfix
fixed wrap in vehicle text Bugfix
fixed bone subtitle not displaying the correct value. (Only an issue in the beta)
Bugfix- fixed issue when setting to many client stats causing yourself to freeze
Bugfix- fixed issue with wheel bypass causing the vehicle to have a random chassis and freezing sometimes Removed Send Mercenaries because it didn’t work most of the time
Removed fake money because it caused peoples money not being able to be spent
Removed detected invincibility so now the default invincibility is the undetected one Removed Ramp Jam Possibly fixed random a freezing (needs confirmationPossibly fixed freezing when spawning stuff
Possibly fixed issues with low fps
Added protection against ragdoll to animation protection
Added a new weather type called pitch black to world options
Added new freeze console with weather
Added undetected god mode to the Config Added add etra slot to the Config
Added a message when you get host kicked Added ANTI-TIMEOUT (enabled by default)
Added rockstar message to messaging options added protection to rcckstar message
Added unlock all camos to client stats
Added unlock all hair styles to client stats
Added unlock all heist rewards to client stats
Added unlock all LSC to client stats
Added unlock all clothing to client stats
Added unlock all tattoos to client stats
Added unlock all weapons to client stats
Added fast run to client stats
Added random textures on shirts & skins to client stats
Added back temporarily mute to client stats
Added text to see who host kicks you and saves their IP Added rims on any vehicle bypass (Local)
Added an option to find a new session with binds in Misc Options (L3 + Triangle to activate)
Added protection against texture/model freeze. when player changes models it will get reset to default character to prevent you from freezing
Added protection against host freeze (Thanks to gopro2027) Bugfix- fixed issue were advance no clip would not enable using binds
Bugfix- fixed issue in world stuff were it would teleport you to the ocean on some occasions
Bugfix- fixed issue with freeze console were it would freeze everyone in the session or close people around you Bugfix- fixed issue in world protection were you would freeze randomly when joining a private/public session
Bugfix- fixed issue in FPS protection were you would sometimes freeze when switching sessions
Bugfix- fixed issue with Add Rank in client stat options that caused the player to fake leave the session
Bugfix- fixed issue in model changer where if you used any text on the keyboard it would break the model changer Bugfix- fixed issue in vehicle mulitpliers were the values would reset when you got off the vehicle
Bugfix- fixed some spelling erros on the menu options Bugfix- fixeed issue with clear custom primary/secondary color not clearing intantly Improved entity blocker, it now block boats Imporved hydra plane hover jets activate when ‘EngineOn’ is enabled in the XML
Recovery Added disable menu sound in settings
>Added teleport protection in settings Added more pre made outfits thanks to Saab Modz and SyntheticModding Improved fix disable account notification. it now tells you if it worked or not Improved give wallet money,
increased money limit Improved outfit limit. you can now have up to 400 outfits in the stat folder