Mode Menu Semjases 14.5

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Je vous présente en telechargement la derniere version du  mode menu Semjases traduite en francais.
Vous aurez acces via cet article au pkg du Menu 14.5

Si vous désirez acheter le menu Semjases cliquer ici


ETAPE 1 : Comment l’installer


        1. Telecharger ce pkg qui contient le menu en 14.5
        2. Copier le sur votre PS3 et lancer l’installeur du pkg


Changelog de la version 14.5

Added back pre upgraded for spawned vehicles. (It was accidentally removed)
Added spoof to BLJM servers (You will need to join a friend that has a Japanese version of GTAV to join sessions)
Added ‘redirecting…’ text to some protections. (Previously some protections used to redirect but it would not show you the ‘redirecting…’ text)
Added freeze protection for invalid weapon freeze to freeze protection
Added Hydra and Lazer airplanes to the Block Big Entities protection
Added fake leave v2 protection to remote options protection
Added more freeze protections to freeze protection
Added a NEW and improved freeze console (replaced with old freeze console in Naughty Options)
Improved Attachment protection to remove NotYourDope objects
Improved stability when IP info is enabled
Bugfix- fixed teleporting to Mount Chiliad using waypoint
Bugfix- fixed issue with some client stats not being set
Bugfix- fixed issue with xml’s no loading when IP info is enabled at times
Bugfix- fixed issue with host name not working in private sessions
Removed anti time out because it was causing users to freeze randomly
Removed redirecting from drop kick because it was unstable and caused users to freeze
Removed force into flight school to acquire space
Removed vehicle gravity from multiplier options to acquire space
Removed money rain from player to acquire space
Removed give backup heli from player to acquire space
Removed push vehicle forward for all players to acquire space
Removed vehicle extra from mod shop options to acquire space
Removed right fender from mod shop options to acquire space
Removed stick to ground to acquire space
Changed spoof location to center of the map because its was causing players vehicles to be invisible