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PSN Patch 4.66.33

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Mise a jour du logiciel PSN PATCH en version 4.66.33

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[4.66.33] 8/02/2015 
* New “Auto Mode” for PSNPatch plug-in (a); 
* Shortcut L3+R3+L2 displays status (current idps, mounted titleID, running conentID and devklic); 
* “Games Patcher” now patches to version 4.20; 
* When there isn’t a valid user account, psnpatch will NOT install RAPS, EDATs, unlock C00 demos or ps2classics (b); 
* Cobra Toolbox in rebug, now works only when in “rebug system mode” (b); 
* Several reviews to the documentation (plug-in & version spoof sections). 

(a) To use the new plug-in “auto mode” a very carefull read of the documentation should be made. Namely the “psnpatch plug-in” section. 
(b) User friendly approach that guides the user to the solution. 
[4.66.32] 17/01/2015 
* Games patcher to version 4.46 extended to support ISO files (*.ISO and *.ISO.0 in /PS3ISO folders). 
* C00 demos unlocking performance improved – it will create license only for demos not yet unlocked. 
* Automatically unlocks ps2classics launcher (if needed) when unlocking C00 demos. 
* Install/remove webman-mod 1.41.XX KW (light edition) for cobra systems and rebug 4.65.2. 
* New version spoofing system, that dynamically patches stage2.bin for the spoofed vsh.self – read detailed docs. 
* 4.46->4.66 and 4.65->4.66 versions spoofings updated accordingly. 
* psnpatch plugin updated ( L3+R3+L2 displays the current mounted title_ID and/or the current running CID and DEV_KLIC – this is tech info for the future …). 
* many more code clean-ups and algorithmic improvements. 

WARNING: A previous version uninstall is MOSTLY ADVISED before installing this new version. 
NOTE: ps2classics have just to be installed and psnpatch will create the license 


Major Functions

CORE (compatible with ALL 4.XX firmwares): 
– Spoofs IDPS (console ID) and PSID; 
– Disables cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware); 
– Auto-Deletes game and homebrew launch history; 
– Installs RAPs and EDATs. 
– Unlocks PSN (c00) game demos. 
– It Patches new games to run in 4.46+ systems. 

COBRA (for 4.46 and above firmwares running cobra 7.XX): 
– Cobra extensions (with stealth extensions for even better cfw disabling in COBRA systems) (*); 
– Special processing for CFW disabling in REBUG; 
– Spoofs firmware version to ANY version (*); 
– PSNPatch plugin for easy usage with cobra systems; 
– Includes webMAN plugin installation and XMB configuration (*). 

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