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Télécharger XM PLAYER en Version pour Xbox 360 glitch ou Jtag

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Voici en téléchargement la dernière version de XM player pour XBOX 360 modifiée Glitch ou Jtag.

XM player permet de lire vos films et musiques sur votre console de jeux vidéos en passant par le XELL.

Pour utiliser cette application, décompresser le contenu sur une clé usb formatée en FAT 32 ou sur votre disque dur externe, puis démarrer votre console en appuyant sur EJECT.

Cliquer ici pour télécharger le programme.

Version 0.0.4:

– Fixed: Sometimes when mounting more than 1 USB device, it can crash, now it loads what it can

– Fixed: Overload buffer and memory leak leading to random crashes

– Fixed: Elf files not loading after a video has been played

– Fixed: Audio- and subdelay shows -0 ms

– Fixed: First time you enter osd menu when paused, it removes it again

– Fixed: Volume not changing in audio settings when paused

– Fixed: Mplayer crashes if .rar archive is not supported

– Fixed: Mplayer crashes if .rar archive is valid, but doesn’t not contain video

– Changed: Disabled balance in osd menu, it doesn’t work

– Changed: Libass disabled as default, beware libass makes xmplayer unstable

– Changed: Subfont from Arial to Dejavu Sans

– Changed: Removed Music and Photos menu for now, not supported

– Changed: « Restart » now restarts XMPlayer

– Added: Support for .rmvb files

– Added: New subtitle shader with selectable color and selectable outline color. Increased stability because libass is not needed

– Added: New Harddrive and DVD icons

– Added: XMplayer stops showing loading screen and shows underlying error message, if it indeed crashed

– Added: Restart to NXE in Global Setting in « Shutdown » option



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