WEBMAN 1.33.04 MAJ

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Voici en telechargement la mise a jour de webman ( uniquement pour les CFW COBRA comme le rebug 4.65 ) .

Pour l installer c’ est très simple, telecharger ce PKG,vous aurez une icône sur le XMB webman updater, lancer la, la mise a jour se fait toute seule et la console revient sur le XMB, vous pouvez supprimer l icône après l avoir fait




Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.04 Multi 23 (2014-12-06): 
– Fixed external game data on nonCobra (last game is also mounted) 
– Fixed display of multiMAN’s covers when external game data is enabled 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.03 Multi 23 (2014-12-06): 
– Fixed issue selecting English language in multi23 editions.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.02 Multi 23 (2014-12-02): 
– Fixed stupid bug causing a longer scanning time and non-sorted game list on XMB. 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.01 Multi 23 (2014-12-02): 
– Changed default dynamic temp to 68°C 
– Added support for autoboot/last game to nonCobra edition 
– Added popup message when game is mounted on nonCobra edition 
– Tweaks to speed up the refresh of game list (XML) 
– Tweaks to speed up mount of autoboot/last game on start up of plugin 
– Other minor code optimizations 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.00 Multi 23 (2014-12-01): 
– /app_home is not longer mounted as /dev_bdvd on Cobra like official webMAN 1.33 (holding SELECT while mounting a game will force to mount /app_home as before) 
– //app_home is not mounted either on Cobra (it was added on 1.32.02) 
– Added new memory usage profile. It uses 512KB: it’s like MIN, except that the buffer for scanning PS3 games is 2.5X larger. But it uses 384KB less than STANDARD profile. 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.32.02 Multi 23 (2014-12-01): 
– Fixed issue with “Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor” stored as folder rip (Thanks to deank for the solution) 
(Added //app_home and //dev_bdvd to folder mappings) 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.32.01 Multi 23 (2014-12-01): 
– Root of /net0 & /net1 now can be mounted via file manager 
– New shortcuts to mount root of shared folders /net0 & /net1 
– Added multi language support on gameDATA messages 
– Anti-ODE patches are not applied on rebug 4.65/4.66 (relies on CFW patches) 
– Auto create “classic_ps2” flag on rebug 4.65.2 if a .BIN.ENC is mounted. Auto delete it, if a PS2 ISO is mounted. 
The shortcut SELECT+L2+/\ still can be used to toggle the PS2 Classic mode on rebug. 
– ntfs iso games now are allowed to be stored on last_game.txt 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.32.00 Multi 23 (2014-11-30): 
– Added new icons by brunolee to the updater 
– Added PS2 Classic toggler for 4.65.2 Rebug 
– Lv2 patches are now applied for all cfw on Cobra edition (previously only for 4.6x) like official webMAN 1.32 
– Added the web_server_lite.sprx to the updater (smaller version without support for remote files). 
– Added new FTP SITE commands: UMOUNT, MAPTO, EXTGD 
– Added partial support for passwords in ftp server. Requires to put the file manually in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/password.txt 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.31.01 Multi 23 (2014-11-28): 
– Added 4.66 CEX detection in cobra build 
– Addressed bug displaying icons for split ISOs 
– Added option to only delete history (without clean syscalls) 
– Added buffers optimization for MAX/STANDARD memory footprints when some content is not scanned 
– Games now are mounted before display the web response, to allow to display the cached icon 
– Removed “hybrid” version of webMAN MOD for mamba (it partially solves the issue of webMAN for cobra mounting folder games on mamba) 
– Replaced habib’s anti-ODE patches with the deank’s patches from webMAN 1.31 
– Other internal changes in the structure of the source code. 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.31.00 Multi 23 (2014-11-22): 
– Updated code to support the IEXP0_460.BIN from multiMAN 04.66.03 on 4.65 and 4.66 (nonCobra only) 
– PRX+Mamba Loader is now updated with an hybrid version of webMAN (Cobra + nonCobra) 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.31.00 Multi 23 (2014-11-19): 
– Support for cfw 4.66 and spoof 4.66 
– Added support for external Game Data using SELECT+SQUARE 
– Added auto-enable external Game Data for games in JB format (configured in multiMAN) and ISOs if the file name contains the text “[gd]”. 
– Added support to scan isos stored on subfolders on PS3ISO / PS2ISO / PSXISO / BDISO / DVDISO 
(e.g. /PS3ISO/My Game/My Game.iso) 
– Added support to scan multiple isos grouped by single letter subfolder 
(e.g. /PS3ISO/M/My Game.iso) 
– Modified prepNTFS to support isos in subfolders 
– Fixed cache of ICON0.PNG when game is mounted. 
– Prevent double loading of webMAN on rebug (updater deletes /dev_hdd0/webftp_server.sprx if webMAN is installed on /dev_flash) 
– Added Czech (čeština) & Slovak (slovenčina) translations (Thanks by ps3haxcz.com) 
– Updated payload patches for 4.65 (to prevent blackscreen issues mounting games) thanks to Joonie 

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.35 Multi 21 (2014-11-10): 
– Fixed a bug in copyfiles function (this prevented the cache of the ICON0/PARAM.SFO for iso stored on ntfs and nethost) 
– Added habib’s antiODE patches to Cobra version of webMAN on cfw 4.6x. 
(These patches should reduce the blackscreens for games stored on external hdd. Thanks to Joonie for the workaround) 
– Don’t show bad IDPS/PSID when syscalls are disabled 
– Load last game is now off by default 

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