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Je vous présente la mise a jour du menu Semjases en Version 12 DEX et CEX.

Cette mise a jour est désormais obligatoire si vous désirez profiter du menu.

Je vous ai préparé un tutoriel pour l installation.



Cliquer ici pour telecharger la V12 DEX 

Cliquer ici pour telecharger la V12 CEX 

Si vous désirez acheter le menu cliquer ici 


Voici le changelog de la V12 :

  • Added no clip better instructions
  • Added a longer time for subtitles in protections
  • Added 2 more fx to the partical man & trigger fx guna
  • Added weather and time protection. “tried to change your weather”
  • Added stat protection, “tried to change your stats”
  • Added weather for all clients (Other people can now see the weather when you change it)
  • Added freeze console for both player and lobby
  • Added speeometer back (with new cool textures)
  • Added chat bypass into seperate options now
  • Added ip info now works in jobs
  • Added all client stat to players
  • Added unlock all to players
  • Added clear reports to player
  • Added reset rank to player
  • Added reset modded stat to player
  • Added give max money to player
  • Added give fake moey to player
  • Added disable account to player (they cant log back into that account anymore)
  • Added Give badsport to player
  • Added mute ban to player
  • Added input kill and deaths for K/D to player
  • Added input Crew RP for players
  • Added vehicle preview image to vehicle spawner
  • Added ped bodygaurd back to ped options
  • Added back insta stop to handling options
  • Added new animations
  • Added new objects
  • Added IP into the semjasesConfig.ini so you can have it automatilly turned on
  • Added an option to delete previous funny vehicle in vehicle spawn settings becuase some people would freeze when spawning too many to them
  • Added session mute (it will mute the player for the whole session)
  • Added new funny vehicles (Thanks to MCCreators Group on Facebook)
  • Added new Attchments (Thanks to MCCreators Group on Facebook)
  • Added new map mods (Thanks to MCCreators Group on Facebook)
  • Improved modder detected, it now detects players in god mode
  • Improved teleport to waypoint. it has less chance of finding ground z
  • Bugfix- fixed text in some translation
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were ranking up players would cause them to fake leave
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were object were not dynaic when spawned
  • Bugfix- fixed freezing issue were you could not attach an object to another object
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were remote options protection would have an empty notification
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were spooners entites didn’t show new ones when invalid
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in spooner options were fire proof didn’t work
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in spooner options were invincible didn’t work
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in spooner options were dynamic didn’t work
  • Bugfix- fixed issue XML when spawning a object invisible it would not have collision even if it was on
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were magenet gun would freeze at times
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were nitrious would freeze at times
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in spooner options were mod shop would not work
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in multiplier were accerleration, handling & breking would not work at all
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were freeze protection would freeze yourself when you went to the airport
  • Bugfix- fixed issue vehicle god mode would not turn off
  • Removed fx from delete gun
  • Removed escort to waypoint
  • Removed handling mutiplier
  • Removed clips sets
  • Removed dead eye gun
  • Removed vehicle jump
  • Removed crush vehicle
  • Added real unlock trophies
  • Added apply outfit to my outfits
  • Added skip tutorial bind (Use L2 + Down)
  • Added unlimited rebreathers
  • Added color pallets instead of numbers for changing vehicle colors
  • Added more ourfits to files
  • Bugfix- fixed issue were crew rp would not work
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in mod shop options not displaying the correct value
  • Bugfix- fixed no recoil not working
  • Bugfix- fixed issue in outfits where accessories would not work
  • Improved crew emblems layout
  • Renamed Appearance options correctly


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